Swim with the mighty tiger sharks

“I released the fishing line to hook a Kattelhi (Prometheus gemfish) and prepared a heap of Dho’haaey (mixture of betel leaf and areca nut). I chewed it and relaxed. After a while my fishing line “transformed” into an “iron bar.” I could not literary pull an inch towards the surface. I called the other fishermen in the bokkura. They came for… Read More »

Watch the majestic thrasher sharks

  Fuvahmulah is unique in many ways. The stupendous deep sea around the island is home to some of the world’s rare and endangered species. Among them- the thrasher shark has found home around us. Ladies and gentlemen – the Indiana Johnes of the ocean. We call it nagul meyre. There are three different kinds of thresher sharks –… Read More »

Uva dhevun- making lime for dwelling

(*Information provided by Mohamed Ali Didi, Fasiya, Gn.Fuvahmulah) In early days, cement was not available for construction work. People of Fuvahmulah produced uva (u’a) or lime. Uvadhavaameehun, Lime-burners, collect akiri (pebbles) from the beach and carry it near the uva vado- the klin. Uva vado is made by digging the ground and was in the form of a crater. The klin’s depth is… Read More »