Kede ere Miski

*Information provided by Mohamed Ali Didi, Fasiya, Gn.Fuvahmulah This is a mosque that was built after Fuvahmulah was depopulated for the second time in 1555. The mosque was built by an individual of Fuvahmulah known as Ali Adafikaleygefaanu. This mosque was also built from corals. There was well built around 15 feet away from the mosque. But the well had… Read More »

Maa Miski

*Information provided by Mohamed Ali Didi, Fasiya, Gn.Fuvahmulah Saamiyaafaashaana was also buried here. The mosque was built as a two story mosque during Vaaru Ali Didi’s reign. But when he died, his brother Vaaro Hasssan Didi completed the work in 1938. The chief architect who carried out the construction work was a craftsman from Thinadhoo of Gaafu Dhaal atoll. He was… Read More »

Master’s fearless battle with sea beasts

Thrilling fishing method exclusively used in Fuvahmulah; battle of the master and the powerful sea creature. A special technique of fishing called Vevelhejeun is used by fishermen of Fuvahmula during the early days. This is a casting fishing method use to land some types of fish from open sea by casting the fishing rods at the reef crest of the island. The most common type… Read More »

Water torture used against my best friend

This is a true incident happened in Addu atoll about 20 years ago Torture has has been widespread. The truth and rumors are disregarded by some of us. But it is a fact that people have been subjected to inhumane conditions. Although Islam is the religion of Maldives for centuries, there was no respect for sharia and principles… Read More »

Giant trevally that dragged a man into deep sea

True story of an incident happened in Fuvahmulah, about 45 years ago. Giant trevally or locally known as Maamudu or Muda handhi is a great traveler of the oceans. This creature is burly, aquatic intimidator, that’s so voracious and powerful. It doesn’t have anything to fear besides sharks and humans. Giant trevally (GT) ranges in color from silver to… Read More »