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Kaizeen- The feminine pearl of Maldives

The Republic of Maldives is an extensive group of islands consisting of twenty-six coral atolls, in the northern Indian Ocean. The chain of islands extends more than 800 kilometers. The Maldives is famous for its exquisite beauty – turquoise sea, blue lagoons and stunning underwater world. And interestingly, the population is just 500,000 people. Matching the distinctive features… Read More »

The late Abdhurahmanbe. A legacy of courage and bravery

The world was armed with nuclear weapons in the 1950s. Eventhough the World War two ended, humanity was in a state of horror after the nuclear attack on Japan. Imperialism dominated the world. Disputes shattered nations and disunited people of same race and creed. The world war with multi-faceted disputes lead to the death of millions. An island… Read More »

The inventive artisan of Fuvahmulah

It was a sunny day. I was preparing to collect fish wastes from the harbor hoping to land a Giant Travally (Mudahandhi or Maamudu- my favorite predator in the ocean). I took my bike and I was riding through the small narrow roads of my district – Dhadimagu. Coincidentally I went down a road where a specialist man –  Thuhthu didi… Read More »

The special fabric Maldivians wore for 200 years

Maldives has a distinct tradition and culture. One of the symbols of their identity is wearing of clothes. Lungi or locally known as “mundu” has been a special fabric worn by the Maldivians for a long time. This year I was lucky to visit the place where the Maldivians had been buying their special lungies for centuries. Angapanec… Read More »