Transporting “impossible” load

Some information provided by Mohamed Ali Didi, Fasiya, Gn.Fuvahmulah

Ancient days, transportation was difficult. Carrying heavy load from one place to another was a daunting task. But people of Fuvahmulah managed to carry out this complex task with the then available resources and means.

Fuvahmulah is an island with thick vegetation- coconut trees, funa (Alexandrian Laurel) and dhambo (Syzygium). So the island had enough resources for household or commercial use. To find a solution to this complex task, they dragged the timber in the house reef during high tide.

This work was extremely difficult and dangerous as waves break on the reef continuously around the island. People used to drag huge timbers into the reef; then they push, drag and sometimes pull with ropes attached to the woods to carry it from place to place.

According to some elderly people, some fishermen also indulge in this work after returning from fishing without a fish catch. The fishermen had enough time to carry out this work when fish was scarce or if they had no fish catch.

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