*Information provided by Mohamed Ali Didi, Fasiya, Gn.Fuvahmulah

Havitha is  the most historical place in Fuvahmulah. This is a mound, believed to be a buried Buddhist stupa or shrine. In 1964 the site was excavated for research work lead by Adam Naseer Manik.

The height of the site measured then was 69.8 ft, and its diameter was 24.8. Archaeological items that were found beneath the site were gold, ambergris and statues. The real shape and form of the stupa was lost due to reckless digging.

There are also four small stupas in the area. In 1922 the height of the small stupas were around 15 feet. But now the height of the small stupas are between 3 to 4 feet. In 2010, while construction was being carried out for dwelling of a household locates near the havitha, a skeleton and a huge box were found. Gold, statues, triton(sangu) and cowries were found in the box.

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