Kede ere Miski

*Information provided by Mohamed Ali Didi, Fasiya, Gn.Fuvahmulah

This is a mosque that was built after Fuvahmulah was depopulated for the second time in 1555. The mosque was built by an individual of Fuvahmulah known as Ali Adafikaleygefaanu.Kede ere miski

This mosque was also built from corals. There was well built around 15 feet away from the mosque. But the well had been buried and a separate well was created later in the same place where the first well was built. It is believed that the first woman Atoll Chief was buried in  the cemetery of this mosque. And 40 Haafizs, people who memorize Quran, were also believed to have been buried in this cemetery.

The interlocking of huge blocks of coral stones used for the construction of the mosque is extraordinary. This was noted by Professor Hidher who carried out historical researches of Maldives. 1335069029_6f888baa77_b

*note: more information will be uploaded soon

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