Brushed with death!

It was a decade ago. I went to Neregando, the passage way made for Dhonis (vessels) to get into the island. It was around 11 O’clock in the morning. Fisherman came with their catches. I saw a Fisherman cutting baby sharks out of a dead mother shark. Eight baby sharks were luckily alive. This amazed me.

The fisherman threw the sharks in to the passage way of nere. The very first moment the baby sharks landed in water, they stumbled and moved in the water. This curious scene attracted me and my friends who were at the beach. My friends jumped into the sea to help them escape to the open sea.

Wearing a thick trouser, and wrapping it to my knee’s height, I also participated with them. And we tried to release the sharks into the ocean. There were around six of us who were trying to help the baby sharks.

At the beginning, we tried to release them through the passage of nere. However, every time we tried to navigate (by holding their fins and body), most of the sharks moved inwards towards the beach. So we thought that we had go to the opening of the nere to release them into the open sea.


We went to the middle of the nere, where the depth of water was above our heights, and we crippled on to the reef flat on the left side of the nere so that we could see what happens to the baby sharks.

After a while the sharks headed towards the opening of the nere. When we reached the opening, almost all the baby sharks were there. At that moment we were able to see three or four sharks. So we decided that our task was accomplished and we absorbed in “Elei e Jessun” (to be in the crest of the wave when the waves gain its maximum amplitude, before it breaks).

When we went to the beach that day, the sea was calm. However, we noticed huge waves beginning to generate while we were on the reef. As I was wearing a thick trouser, I didn’t jump into the sea (opening of the nere). I stayed on the left side of the reef flat, near the opening of the nere that was facing the open sea. The depth of water on the reef where I was standing was around three feet high. Almost all the waves pound on that point where I was standing. I could see my friends around 40 feet away, just swimming and indulging in elei. Nere is a strange place where wave movement changes unpredictably. Suddenly, I saw a huge wave around 10 feet in its height, about to break on me.

My friends shouted at me instructingme to jump into the sea. But it was too late. If I jumped, I would be crushed with the sheer force of the breaking wave that would unleash its forceful energy on me. The wave’s crest steepened and the amplitude reached its maximum. It was a plunging wave about to break on me. So the two options were dreadful, and I thought it was my last moment in life. I never believed that I would ever survive. But I decided not to jump and tried to run on the reef towards the shore. It was a long distance to run. And I ran. But I couldn’t run on the flat reef as the depth of water was too high.

Within seconds, I fell in between two reefs (dhe farogando dheythere). With god of almighty Allah’s greatness my hands touched a part of the reef and I didn’t know how I was able to hold that part of the reef. I still question myself why I was able to get a grip on a part of a reef. By the time I felt into the opening, the mighty wave released its sheer force on the reef. I could feel it immensely as my body was twisting and turning. Nonetheless my grip was on the reef. 

When I felt that the wave’s energy weakened, I tried to ascend. However again another huge wave was about to break on me. It was seconds away. So I dived into the narrow opening. When the force of the wave weakened, I ascended again. However, again I could see a huge wave generating, but this time about 30 feet away from me.

It was getting its momentum. So I climbed up from the opening and ran as far as I could. I could almost lay around 3 steps. The wave broke on the reef. However its force carried me closer to the shore. As I felt I survived from the deadly encounter, my eyes were filled with tears of shock and sadness. I walked on to the fore reef and saw my legs were severely injured producing deep bruises and cuts.

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